UK Residency Program

The UK remains a great power with considerable economic, cultural, military, scientific & political influence internationally. The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy under the Queen Elizabeth II, reigned since 6th February 1952. It is a developed country and has the world's fifth-largest economy by GDP and ninth-largest economy by purchasing power parity.

The UK is considered a high-income economy and is categorized as very high in the Human Development Index, ranking 16th in the world. The United Kingdom is ranked fourth in the list of world’s most business-friendly countries. However, to run a business in UK representatives of most of the countries must apply for a special Tier -1 Entrepreneur visa.

Foreign Nationals willing to set up or run a business in the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for UK Tier- 1 Entrepreneur Visa Program in exchange of ₤ 200,000 of investment. This program is applicable to the immediate family members (spouse and children under 18) of the primary applicant. It is necessary to provide a proof of sufficient amount of investment to establish company and meet language proficiency requirements. The Entrepreneur Visa is granted for a tenure of 3 years and is extendable for next 2 years. Upon successful completion of 6 years the applicant can apply for British Citizenship.

The UK follows a point based system and hence for a successful visa application, applicants need to score sufficient points on a point based assessment.


Capital City
Geographical Size
94,060 Square KM
(Estimated 2016 year)
Gross Domestic Product
$ 2.79 Trillion (GDP)
Official Language
Literacy rate
Government Type
Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Great British Pound (GBP)
International Exchange Rate
₤ 1 = $ 1.35
EU Member
Yes, since 1st January 1973
Schengen Area Member
Not a member of Schengen Zone

Why Choose UK ?


Freedom of travel

  • British Citizens had visa-free access to 156 countries, ranking the UK passport 3rd in terms of travel freedom.
  • Live and study in any EU Member countries without any restriction on country specific visa.


  • Free Trade and investment opportunities between Member countries of EU.

Family Security

  • Free Education in Public School up to Grade 12, University Education is Highly Subsidized.

Process Outline

The application processing time for Entrepreneur visa generally takes 4 to 6 months. The process is as follows:

  • 1ST Month

    • Due Diligence and document submission

    • Business Plan finalization and preparation
  • 3RD Month

    • File Preparation and submission to UK Consulate
    • Receive Interview date or waiver.
  • 4TH Month

    • Visa Grant(For 3yrs and 4 months)

Post Landing Process

  • 0 – 6th

    • Complete the landing formalities
  • 0 – 6th

    • Company incorporation and Investment
  • 2.8 -3.4

    • Apply for Visa Extension(2 yrs extension)
  • 5th year

    • Receive ILR
WWICS - Citizenship by investment

Eligibility & Investment Criteria

Third party nationals interested in the UK citizenship should abide by the following criteria:

Access to ₤ 200,000 of investment in private enterprise

  • The investment can be done as a sole owner or co-managed regime.
    • - Two partners can invest ₤ 100,000 Each.
  • The funds must be held in one or more regulated financial institutions
  • The investment must result in the creation of two job for UK Citizens or existing PR Holders.
  • Show proof of funds for self and the family in the following order
    • - Primary Applicant - ₤ 3310
    • - Each Dependent - ₤ 2100

Our Personalized Services

We at WWICS, will assist you in the following manner:

  • Counselling and consultation session to choose the right business/investment immigration programs.
  • Full fledge support and assistance on document preparation.
  • Due Diligence and File Submission to the concerned authorities.
  • Assistance in setting up business in the desired country.
  • Application assistance with respect to PR Card, Social Security Card, Health Card and Driving License*.
  • Assistance in finding suitable chartered accountants, bankers, Financial Experts for smooth settlement.
  • Crucial Information assistance on living, travelling, banking, taxation, education, health, housing and other business related topics.
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